US: State by State Meal Caps

Important Note: click this link to view a summary of advice, focused on Government officials and gifts and the provision of financial benefits. Healthcare Venues does not include HCPs as "government officials" unless specified otherwise. 


California - Meals to a Healthcare Professional/Provider (HCP) should not exceed $250 per annum. In this case, a relevant Fair Market Value (FMV) should be created. 

District of Columbia - all expenses for educational programmes such as; gifts or food valued at more than $25 provided to an HCP must be disclosed. Note: this suggests, in our opinion, that a limit of below $25 is acceptable for meals. 

Louisiana - $50 limit on meals and educational items to any state employee, per year (most hospitals are state-owned)

Massachusetts - allows “modest” out of office meals for HCP's. 

Minnesota - $50 limit on meals and physician education per prescriber, per year. 

New Jersey - Food and/or refreshment, where its fair market value does not exceed $15.00 for each prescriber.

Vermont - All meals are prohibited except refreshments provided at a booth at a medical congress and meals as part of an appropriate contract. In our opinion, this means a fair market valuation of meal cap limits. 


Author: Mark Handforth

Last updated: 20.12.2019

First Issued: 20.06.2018


Note: The information provided in this news article is for guidance purposes only as the authors personal interpretation of relevant national codes in the US. Our advice should not be considered as the binding view of any official regulatory body or relevant person within any corporate organisation. In all cases, it is the responsibility of the reader to ensure that this advice if used is appropriate for their specific needs.


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