Changes to French Hospitality Limits Expected

It is expected that CNOM Conseil National de l'Ordre des Médecins (Physicians Council) who manage the approval process for French HCPs to attend meetings, will change significantly the amount of time physicians can work for healthcare companies and raise the limits applied to meal and accommodation expenses for meetings attended by Physicians. We understand that this is not yet approved by LEEM the French industry association and that their code of practise relating to honoararia paytments and hospitality limits remains the same.    

  • Travel time to meeting could be paid
  • HCPs allowed a maximum of 20 working days per year with healthcare companies
  • Hourly rate increased to €250
  • Meals limits increased from €60 to €70 including taxes 
  • Accommodation limits of; €325 in Europe (capital cities), €350 in Asia, Switzerland, the USA and Australia.

We will monitor the response of the Helthcare snd Life science companies to assess if these changes will be adopted in their codes of practise and company policies. 

Feel free to contact for further information. 

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