Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Does a venue undergoing our audit assessment become compliant?

  • Regulatory codes require that healthcare organisations are ultimately responsible for ensuring venues are appropriate for their specific requirements and audience.  An organisation's compliance sign off process reflecting the needs of relevant regulatory codes remains the same.  Our solution supports organisations with a compliance specific, third party review of the venue to aid making a robust and informed decision on suitability of a venue's use. 

Q: How much does it cost?

  • There is a free initial assessment discussion, costs are only incurred upon application. Costs for venue assessments are in line with other hotel rating systems and will be provided on application. 

  • There is no cost for event bookers to become part of/use Healthcare Venues directory.  

Q: Is Venue Audit and Assessment Solution for life?

  • No, the initial venue audit and assessment solution is valid for 1 year.  There is an annual renewal and spot checks where assessments can be altered or rescinded if venues change facilities/service standards.

Q: Will our partners and clients recognise the Healthcare Venues Directory?

  • Yes, a number of major agencies, technology providers and key-booker partners utilise the Healthcare Venues directory and are incorporating this into their processes.

  • Please advise us if you find a partner that requires training/further information.

Q: Will this solution be recognised internationally?

  • We are working with corporate partners who will cascade this to worldwide colleagues. 

  • This solution is scheduled to be rolled out into mainland Europe in due course.  

Q: Will this replace preferrred venue programmes?

  • No, our audit and assessment solution supports these programmes and is embedded into them.   
  • The Healthcare Venues directory will provide secure areas for specific organisations with filtering features to align preferred programmes and approve amber venues.  

Q: Can we filter the venues based on our preferred programmes and black-lists?

Q: Can we proactively share our approved venues lists for them to become part of the Healthcare Venues directory?

  • Yes, many partners are doing this already.

Q: Can I join the working groups behind the solution?

Q: What happens if a venue is not suitable to become part of the Healthcare Venues directory?

  • We will either not proceed with the audit/assessment solution in full and/or we can provide a detailed report explaining why.  They may, however, wish to attend our training to understand and support their positioning within this sector.  

Q: Can a venue move from Amber to Green accreditation?

  • Yes, in certain circumstances.  Steps/changes required would be outlined in the Assessment Report.


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