COVID19 Audit

COVID19 Audit

The COVID19 pandemic has affected the fabric of our society and in business terms, COVD19 has had a profound effect on our ability to meet. As we consider what the new normal for face to face meetings will look like healthcare venues have adapted our audit solution to risk assess a meeting venues health policies and operational capability.


  • Online survey tool
  • 10 categories with over 40 individual assessment points
  • Identify risk areas
  • Reports for event teams
  • Reports for meeting participants
  • Report for venues



Operational and Communication Efficiency

Our audit report builds confidence between meeting stakeholders and meeting venues that the operational practicalities of social distancing and healthy meeting criteria have been managed effectively. Any areas of concern can be managed efficiently in advance avoiding any costly misunderstandings between all parties.   

Meeting Participant Confidence

Meeting Stakeholders can use the Healthcare Venues brand to demonstrate that a professional 3rd party has assessed all parts of the meeting building confidence to participate.        


COVID19 has tested the structure and outcomes from contracts and insurance policies, healthcare venues can help all parties navigate liability issues with the goal. Agreement and efficiency.


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